A short description of RSA-encryption

The RSA cryptosystem is an asymmetric encryption/decryption scheme. It being asymmetric means, to put it simply, that the decryption is not a "reversed" encryption that can be worked out by knowing how information is encrypted.

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Temperature monitor for Raspberry Pi written in Python

During heavy load, it's common that the Raspberry Pi throttles its CPU and GPU due to too high temperatures being reached. Therefore, it can be of interest to monitor the temperatures of these components. Due to the low specs of the Raspberry, the extra load of running code to monitor these temperatures can unfortunately cause a rise in the temperatures of the components. In this post, I briefly present an application written in Python by expanding on four main points, which are:

  • How to read the temperatures of the CPU and GPU.
  • How to re-read the temperatures at a given interval.
  • How to stop the re-reading.
  • What module to use in order to create the GUI.
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